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To Be or Not To Be…..

…a commercial photographer. That is the question. I literally got a taste of it this weekend when I took a break from my Master’s project and did some freelance work.  Not Im not sure what the future holds for me, but I certainly hope it has a lot to do with making images. I love photography, and honestly, It doesn’t matter the format; journalistic, food, portraiture, I love it all.  Here are a few images that I took this weekend. A quick and fast edit.  Let me know what you think!!



Advanced Techniques: Metal


So, my next Advanced assignment was about lighting metal with studio lights. Although the image in my head was well thought out.  I couldn’t imagine the stress of using the studio lights after David’s portrait.  My partner Chelsea and I worked our butts off to get this shot…even then, we couldn’t do it alone.  Help from John, Chelsea #2 and Sara (both from Kansas State visiting for POYi) meant a long night and many tired arms. (more…)

First Take: David Kennedy


Another Advanced assignment! This time we are learning studio lighting.  Before this past week, I took light for granted.  Light never complains, never needs anything, it was always there for me.  The studio is a cruel place where if you want light, you must learn to create it.  This was much harder than I though it was going to be.  My classmate portrait was supposed only use one light, and then another light for a total of two portraits with different lighting variations.  The aim was to show something about your classmate in the portrait under the strict lighting conditions.  So, I thought about how best to capture my subject via a portrait. (more…)