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To Be or Not To Be…..

…a commercial photographer. That is the question. I literally got a taste of it this weekend when I took a break from my Master’s project and did some freelance work.  Not Im not sure what the future holds for me, but I certainly hope it has a lot to do with making images. I love photography, and honestly, It doesn’t matter the format; journalistic, food, portraiture, I love it all.  Here are a few images that I took this weekend. A quick and fast edit.  Let me know what you think!!


Advanced Techniques: Painting With Light

light_11This was probably the best of the more recent assignments this year.  Our project group consisted of MitoLaura, and Daisuke.  I was geeked about my group-mates.  They are all good photographers and I was looking forward to the opportunity to finally work with them.  So initially I had in idea to go to an old park with some jungle gym equipment to do an image with a young girl to pose as our ghost.  Think ‘The Ring’ @ school.  Anyway, Mito was the bomb at our lab session at Rockbridge State Park, so I was excited about her doing the images.  She understands light in a way that I try to.  Anyway, Mito wanted to go back to the park to do some shooting in the woods.  Her idea was to show the forrest environment and the wonderful magical things that happen.  She wanted us to fabricate a ton of fireflies next to this subject who would be holding one.  I liked the idea and suggested we’d compromise and have a little girl in the forrest with the flies.  Laura found us a wonderful model who looked 12, but was a lot older :-). (more…)

Advanced Techniques: Fill & Balance

probate_fillAnother week of Advanced Techniques training is under my belt and Im beginning to feel a lot more comfortable with flash.  This weeks assignment was to produce a fill light or to balance the existing light with a single flash.  I decided to take many images.  I’m still learning the flash I’m using.  I have a better understanding of flash although I’m still trying to really grasp the concept.  I’m using the SB-900 and need to sit down to read the dang manual because event though fill and balance was fairly simple, Im still trying to figure to how to use my flash quickly on manual mode.  I’m stuck with calculating ratios and I’ve already wasted precious time trying to figure out the dang flash (not in time to catch the image of course). (more…)

Advanced Techniques: Roller Derby


This is COLUMBIA!!!!!!!! ***Kicks St. Lunachix out the ring*** Roller Derby is straight out of a dark fairy tale: the action is fast, the girls are scrappy, and the beer is flowin.  This was my first experience at a roller derby event and it was intense.  My group members will be documenting the Columbia Roller Derby Team had there first event on April 5, 2009 vs. the St. Lunachix from St. Louis, MO and it was CRACKIN’…There had to be at least 300+ people there and many outside watching through the windows! Bananas right? Here are some images.

Advanced Techniques: Step Afrika Audio Slideshow


As part of my Advanced Techniques class requirements, I needed to find an audio  slide show which I thought was good grounds for emulating.  Ironically one of the audio stories I was most attracted to was about a group that performed at Mizzou not too long ago and was related to my Master’s project: Beyond This Place.  Step Afrika was featured on NPR’s “All Things Considered” in 2003.  Narrated by Michelle Norris, this exciting audio presentation, took the best of the sounds of stepping and combined narration to create the audio piece which you can access by clicking here.  This audio is great because of the inclusion, but not over used, beat of stepping itself.  Along with the rhythmic beating of stepping, the addition of interviews provided balance in the audio.  Using this as an example, I am more conscious of the types of beats used in the background as ambient.  Had this been my presentation, I think I would have used a little less of the stepping because in some parts of the presentation, you can’t appreciate the sounds of the art.  This will be interesting when I finish the second part of my Beyond This Place Project: Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. probate, which has some stepping in it.  Look for that soon. 🙂