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Advanced Techniques: Painting With Light

light_11This was probably the best of the more recent assignments this year.  Our project group consisted of MitoLaura, and Daisuke.  I was geeked about my group-mates.  They are all good photographers and I was looking forward to the opportunity to finally work with them.  So initially I had in idea to go to an old park with some jungle gym equipment to do an image with a young girl to pose as our ghost.  Think ‘The Ring’ @ school.  Anyway, Mito was the bomb at our lab session at Rockbridge State Park, so I was excited about her doing the images.  She understands light in a way that I try to.  Anyway, Mito wanted to go back to the park to do some shooting in the woods.  Her idea was to show the forrest environment and the wonderful magical things that happen.  She wanted us to fabricate a ton of fireflies next to this subject who would be holding one.  I liked the idea and suggested we’d compromise and have a little girl in the forrest with the flies.  Laura found us a wonderful model who looked 12, but was a lot older :-). (more…)

Advanced Techniques: Fill & Balance

probate_fillAnother week of Advanced Techniques training is under my belt and Im beginning to feel a lot more comfortable with flash.  This weeks assignment was to produce a fill light or to balance the existing light with a single flash.  I decided to take many images.  I’m still learning the flash I’m using.  I have a better understanding of flash although I’m still trying to really grasp the concept.  I’m using the SB-900 and need to sit down to read the dang manual because event though fill and balance was fairly simple, Im still trying to figure to how to use my flash quickly on manual mode.  I’m stuck with calculating ratios and I’ve already wasted precious time trying to figure out the dang flash (not in time to catch the image of course). (more…)

Advanced Techniques: Single Flash


I’m a spoiled brat.  I’ve used available light for everything.  I took 169 images and only had 5 that I even considered being assignment worthy.  Single Flash was extremely challenging.  The first challenge was holding the flash in such a way that would show up well on camera.  I thought it would quite easy to point and shoot the light, but it was the exact opposite.  The first time I was using flash, I thought my calculations were correct and my image ended up being extremely overexposed.  After learning the settings and playing with TTL (also known as ‘try tougher…looser’) I found that most of my images were really lucky.  I need to continue to shoot to really get a grasp on flash.  Take a look at my first and second attempts of direct and bounce flash.  Let me know if you like!

First Take: Skate For Leukemia


The wonderful ladies of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Delta Tau Chapter, held their second event of the year Friday, March 6, 2009.  The Late Night Ol’ School Skating event was co-sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in order to raise money to sponsor a Team in Training marathon runner. Team In Training helps raise much needed funds for finding a cure for leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin’s disease and myeloma, while working to improve the quality of life of patients and their families.  Leukemia, a disease that is essentially cancer of the blood or bone marrow, claims an estimated 44,00 new cases each year.  The disease is most commonly found in adult men, accounting for over 56% of the new cases.  While continuing to build my Beyond This Place Project, I hope to find current events similar to these to showcase the great things BGLOs are still doing for their communities.  I ask for your assistance in letting me know when a service project your chapter/organization is throwing to lay a foundation of the service portion of my project.  Below are some images from the event…enjoy!

Advanced Techniques: Metal


So, my next Advanced assignment was about lighting metal with studio lights. Although the image in my head was well thought out.  I couldn’t imagine the stress of using the studio lights after David’s portrait.  My partner Chelsea and I worked our butts off to get this shot…even then, we couldn’t do it alone.  Help from John, Chelsea #2 and Sara (both from Kansas State visiting for POYi) meant a long night and many tired arms. (more…)

Advanced Techniques: Copy Test

Copy Test Assignment Jarrad Henderson, © Ben Arogundade

Copy Test Assignment Jarrad Henderson, © Ben Arogundade

So for my JOUR7558 class I’m taking this Spring, I will be randomly posting assignments having to do with lighting technique as part of my graded exercises.  This week I had to reproduce two images on the copy stand (Photographing a photograph_ to show I had the ability to meter and expose a lit image properly.  While this assignment didn’t take too long, It was challenging to make sure the image was in the best position for duplication.  The image above is from Ben Arogundade’s book “Black Beauty” (An excellent read) while the image below is from a Canon Powershot Brochure (That was photographed on a Nikon Camera).  Hope you like!


Copy Test Assignment Jarrad Henderson, © Clay Blackmore

Copy Test Assignment Jarrad Henderson, © Clay Blackmore