Photographic Conceptualizations of Jarrad Henderson


Yea, I Took A Break

Dont I deserve it? Come on! I posted 30 days in a row! Yea, I know I should go for 60…and I will, well after my little break. Anyway, today was cool. I shot an interesting feature today. This kid is literally flying off the diving board. lol. Im going roller skating tonight. May find another interesting shot out there tonight. We will see. Roooooooooooolllll bounce! 🙂

Cowboy Camp

So I have a huge post about this, but I want to try something different. I wrote my blog on the photo blog Collective Vision, click on the image or here to read my blog. Please leave me a comment.

Pocket Jacob

So, it’s really not a game. People were lined up for HOURS trying to see the new Twilight movie Eclipse.  I was shocked that fans as old as 40 would be in attendance for the opener, but what I was even more surprised about was the pocket Jacob. Yes, Jacob, the always shirtless, always angry wolf boy has been made into a action figure. Read the rest of this page »


Long day today. I dont know whats wrong with me. I got home and wanted to pass out! Guess Ill have to double up tomorrow.

Almost There

Im almost done with my 30 day challenge! I went to see the Rollergirls Bout today, it was awesome! Not may selects. Im really sleepy. Night WP.

I Even Have A Brother There…

Meet Larry Powell, formally a professor at the University of Missouri, Larry is now here in Austin,TX working with Sanders/Wingo, one of the foremost Black owned advertising firms in the States. Larry sits on my Masters committee, is a cold brother, and is a great mentor for me. He asked me to come check out the company and have lunch with him today which was great.  I think Im headed for some commercial work. I was really impressed by the people, messages, and the success that this company has had without really sacrificing Black integrity. Now, I havent done all of my research, but the things that I have seen fall in line with my own personal philosophy: maintaining a positive image of Black culture. Without being demeaning or insensitive, S/W has really put out some effective campaigns which include positive representations of Black people. I would love to shoot a magazine ad for them. Ill keep you updated on my most recent discoveries, but who knows? This may be my first step headed into the commercial world.

Meet Sandy

Yea, the same Sandy from “Anne” This dog was rescued outside a shelter in Waco, TX to play the role of Anne’s dog ‘Sandy’. Its interesting seeing how dogs can be trained to perform actions for a theatrical production. It seems like the opposite of the Dog Whisperer.  Anyway, short post again. Tomorrow I will hopefully be able to complete my BTP: Kappa video. Ill post soon. Night WP.