Photographic Conceptualizations of Jarrad Henderson

Picture Story

First Take: Picture Girl

Jai Lacole, also known as ‘PG’ for Picture Girl, grew up on the West Side of St. Louis where drugs, homicide and crime were always at an all time high. Her thirst to be more alive than half the broken down lives of her neighborhood thrust her to Columbia, MO for college. A double major in sociology and photography at the University of Missouri,  PG’s body art is not only a personal trademark, but also is her connection to her past and a constant reminder of the many obstacles she has conquered.  I did my personality profile on PG and will have a video of the behind the scenes of the shoot coming soon as well as the video for the project. Stay tuned.

First Take: Video Job Profile

Screen shot 2009-10-07 at 12.26.26 PM

Image © Todd Heisler

In my picture story class, I have been charged with the task of finding a person with a job that is interesting enough to make a video profile out of.  Hmmmmm… ideas are scarce. Any ideas? lol…..I really do have a good three, but I needed to find an example that inspired me to go beyond the Mizzou teacher story.  Here is a story from the Net York Times 1 in 8 Million project that I found.  Check it out here.

First Take: 1-Day Madness


The purpose of the one day story is important.  Even during my time in Tampa for the NABJ Conference, I was told to shoot everything like a story…even the boring ones.  Below are some of my images for my first one day story about the New Eyes and BGLOs. (more…)