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Harper…Uncle Jarrad

Im an uncle. Yes, Im the oldest and no, Harper isnt my brother or sisters son. He’s my best friend Jennotta’s son. I couldn’t have laid eyes on a more beautiful baby boy.  At least until my son is born. 😉  Here is Skye holding Harper close in the living room in St. Louis, MO this Labor Day weekend.  I had a great time back home and will be coming back this upcoming weekend to celebrate my 25th birthday. Here are some shots from the weekend. (more…)

Hey Mrs. DJ’s

KCOU is the University of Missouri’s only student run radio station that gives students the chance to be the Dj of their own show. However, instead of conforming to the expected Rock music of KCOU, DJ D-LUX (Danielle Caldwell, left) and DJ SO Sassy (Aris Williams, right) decided to create a show with all R&B selections! Everything from old school to new school is played every Thursday night from 10pm-midnight.  Tune into 88.1 fm or stream online at KCOU.FM!!!

Q’t Pie

Yea, this Quiet single mode on the Nikon D300s is super sexy! Huh? Oh yea, they’re cute too. Hey ladies.   But seriously, the sound it makes is really nice. It takes the mechanical out of the sound that can easily interrupt any silent room when a photographer shoots. Dont get me wrong, its not a sound blimp or anything, but it an interesting way to mute the sound. Trying to keep shooting a picture a day even though my day is no longer governed by the rules of photo assignments. 🙂

Drunken Donut Tour of Austin

I had so much fun yesterday. Starting at 2AM, Mike Sutter and I traveled to 7 different donut spots around Austin, TX. I cant wait to put all these images in. The night fun full of the sweet caky treats, sugar highs, funny people, and great donut makers. If I had to describe the tour in one word: epic. Stay tuned for more images.

Guess What This Is

So my Annie images ran 6 columns today! Great way to start my day. I ended it well to with these shot of my mystery item. Any guesses on what it is????

Yea, I Took A Break

Dont I deserve it? Come on! I posted 30 days in a row! Yea, I know I should go for 60…and I will, well after my little break. Anyway, today was cool. I shot an interesting feature today. This kid is literally flying off the diving board. lol. Im going roller skating tonight. May find another interesting shot out there tonight. We will see. Roooooooooooolllll bounce! 🙂

Cowboy Camp

So I have a huge post about this, but I want to try something different. I wrote my blog on the photo blog Collective Vision, click on the image or here to read my blog. Please leave me a comment.