Photographic Conceptualizations of Jarrad Henderson

2010 LBC BBQ p.s. I love this camera

If I had to choose ONE camera to shoot with for my Beyond This Place project, I’d have to choose this Nikon D3x. I have the opportunity to shoot with this beautiful camera this week while getting prepared to open the equipment window at Mizzou. Put simply: I focus on decisive moments. I dont need 12 frames per second to do the type of work I want to do. The D3x gave me the familiar feel of the Nikon D3 body with the incredible image quality that was absolutely awesome. I had to do very little sharpening and color adjustments to get these images to look the way I wanted. Basically, if you know someone at Nikon who can loan me one of these for a couple of years, please let me know. lol. More images from LBC BBQ….

Fire and Ice!

My homeboys cute daughter. They gonna have to watch out!!!!

Brothers having a good time at the LBC BBQ at the University of Missouri.


LaNee and her son, Jai.

The one, the only, Marc Mayes.

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