Photographic Conceptualizations of Jarrad Henderson

BTP: Huston Tillotson University

It doesnt matter where I am. Howard, Virginia State, Lincoln, Morehouse, or Virginia Union…Whenever I step foot on a Historically Black College or University (HBCU) I feel comfortable. Ever since I have become serious about my Beyond This Place project, I have been put in positions to meet some of the most interesting people. At Huston Tillotson in Austin, TX it doesn’t feel any different.Recently, I stepped foot on the HT yard to check out the plots on campus. This campus has special significance to the men of the greek word Alpha surrounding the Phi. It was an honor to be on the yard. I hope the next time I step on the scene, there will be more students on the yard to talk to. I still havent found these undergrad bruhs in TX. Found out there is an Alpha house not too far away which will be cool to go kick it at. Anyway, here are a couple of selects of the yard.

The Alpha plot outside the main admin building at HT. The bruhs gather here for graduation to take pictures next to the historic plot. The chapter once known as Delta is currently Phi Iota Chapter.

The Q plot. Had some nice spray paint marks on the concrete next to the plot. Hahahaha…Looks like bricks. I cant wait to meet these students. Until next time peoples.

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