Photographic Conceptualizations of Jarrad Henderson

First Take: Video Job Profile

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Image © Todd Heisler

In my picture story class, I have been charged with the task of finding a person with a job that is interesting enough to make a video profile out of.  Hmmmmm… ideas are scarce. Any ideas? lol…..I really do have a good three, but I needed to find an example that inspired me to go beyond the Mizzou teacher story.  Here is a story from the Net York Times 1 in 8 Million project that I found.  Check it out here.

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  1. Hello Jarrad:

    This is your friend at J Cafe….love your blog.

    I got three ideas for you–some interesting folks I know, or would like to know.
    One is Dr. Adrienne W. Hoard, though I don’t know her, she is a professor at the Art Department whom teaches color theory. I would love to take her class. But she goes to Africa and takes pictures of the Nbebele art and the folks who are creating this. This is some of the intricate beading that they wear. Check her out in the University of Missouri Art Department….she has three links listed.

    Also there is a journalist from Sedalia named Rose Nolen, who used to write for the Columbia Daily Tribune a few years ago, but I think now writes for the Sedalia periodicals. I haven’t seen her for a few years though, she might have an interesting story to tell. She would do commentary…

    Another folk is Mitch Jayne. He is an old white man now a days. He has an varied life story. He used to teach in a log cabin as a youngster, was married with kids, but found bluegrass music with a couple of young brothers named Dillards, and joined their group of bluegrassers in the late 60’s They left for California to try their hand at Hollywood, and were lucky enough to get a gig playing on the Andy Griffith show as the Darling Family….they appeared in 6 shows. But they were quite the influence playing their bluegrass music in California back in the 60’s and 70’s. Anyway, Mitch is quite deaf these days, but he married a lady artist named Dianne and they have retired back in his native Salem Missouri area. His house is like a shrine of music legends. He used to reside in Columbia a few years back, and did a show on KOPN for a while. I remember visiting them, his address book was a who’s who’s list of great musicians. I’ve tried to track him down, but I have not been successful, but I do know people who have his phone number.

    Sorry to make it so lengthy.
    Colleen Thomas

    October 10, 2009 at 7:44 am

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